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OneShare Health Charity Spotlight: WTF – Winning The Fight!

By OneShare Health on 9:00 AM on November 16, 2020

We spoke with Kathy O’Keefe about drug addiction and prevention. Read how she and WTF are helping loved ones come together during their darkest hour.

In American society, the term “addict” is often synonymous with something sinister. Rather than recognizing and empathizing with a person who has faults and feelings, society has turned to ostracizing instead of helping those who self-medicate through vices. This vicious cycle of stigma that criminalizes addicts instead of rehabilitating them, increases recidivism and the likelihood of relapse. And, instead of seeking help, the stigma instills a sense of shame in users; feelings of guilt and that they must face their demons alone, when it should not be this way.

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Johnny Rez on Spirituality and Restoring His Relationship with God

By OneShare Health Guest on 9:38 AM on November 5, 2020

“The Bible tells us anywhere we go God is with us. We can’t possibly run from Him, but we can strive to walk day to day in a greater understanding and revelation of His presence.” -- Johnny Rez

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Introducing Johnny Rez: A Man of Faith, Passion, and Music

By OneShare Health on 3:34 PM on October 16, 2020

When I was three years old, I heard the words ‘Sing, Johnny, sing’ in my heart. I feel God was imprinting His calling and gifting in my life at that moment. Ever since then, as a small child, I carried music everywhere I went.”

- Johnny Rez

Ten years ago, Miami native Jonathan Perez was battling a drug addiction. After multiple run-ins with the law, he found freedom from his demons and a new sense of faith and purpose through Christ. Today, he is known worldwide as Christian musician “Johnny Rez,” his music a true testament to God’s will and triumph in the midst of valleys beyond measure.

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How I Saved Using Healthcare Bluebook!

By OneShare Health Guest on 9:00 AM on September 10, 2020

Greetings, OneShare Family. My name’s Kelley, and I’ve been a Member of OneShare Health’s Complete Program since December 2019. My husband Rick and I are both teachers. We have two sons—Chandler, 15, and Ethan, 13—an 8-year-old golden retriever named Maisy, a hedgehog named Pancake (age unknown), and one live-in mother-in-law named Lori (age undisclosed). Needless to say, we live a busy lifestyle.

Between running the kids to and from after-school activities, attending our own after-school activities, keeping the pantry stocked and the bedsheets clean, our household is constantly on the move. And just like our schedules are tight, so is our budget. So, you can imagine my family’s relief when we discovered that OneShare offered Healthcare Bluebook’s services to Members.

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Jesus Calling Podcast: Victoria Damone & Catherine Wood

By OneShare Health on 12:00 PM on August 24, 2020

OneShare Health’s Victoria Damone & ARK Invest’s Catherine Wood share how they’ve overcome uncertainty to give back to the world.

Victoria Damone is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at OneShare Health, a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry founded in 2018; Catherine “Cathie” Wood is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of ARK Invest, an investment firm she founded in 2014. Both women have persevered through periods of misfortune, and they both attribute their success to the goodness of God, acknowledging the pivotal role that Sarah Young’s acclaimed Christian devotional Jesus Calling has played in their day-to-day lives.

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Jesus Calling: Life-Changing Books For the Faithful

By OneShare Health on 1:18 PM on August 13, 2020

OneShare Health Team Member shares her thoughts on renowned Christian devotional

Over the course of my life, I’ve tethered myself to several buoys—work, gardening, Book Club, and yes, even chocolate. These were my comforts, my steady lifelines every time life’s current would whip me right back into uncharted territory.

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