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OneShare Health has partnered with the First Health Network to give Members the best possible options for their Health Care Sharing Programs. But what even is the First Health Network? Let's dive into the details! 

What Is The First Health Network?

At OneShare Health, we are constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our members' experiences and provide them with the best health care options available. It is with great enthusiasm and a shared vision that we announced our partnership with the First Health Network in November 2023. As we move forward into 2024 and beyond, this collaboration signifies a significant advancement in our mission to offer affordable, comprehensive health care solutions that are aligned with our Christian values.

Before we delve deeper into the essence of our partnership, let's address an important question: What is the First Health Network? First Health is an NCQA-accredited Provider Network renowned for its expansive and high-quality network, encompassing more than 5,300 hospitals, over 55,000 ancillary facilities, and more than 982,000 professional providers nationwide. This extensive network includes some of the nation's top hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, and Yale New Haven Hospital, ensuring that our members have access to premier health care services.


Embracing a New Era for Health Care Sharing Ministries

As a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM), we are committed to leading the way in offering our members accessible and affordable pathways to health care. The decision to partner with the First Health Network was inspired by our dedication to improving the member experience. We listened to your feedback and recognized the value you place on the extensive coverage and quality of care provided by the First Health Network.


Why We Chose the First Health Network

Choosing to switch to the First Health Network was a decision made with our members' best interests at heart. This network is renowned for its broad access to top-notch health care professionals and facilities, making it a perfect match for our members' needs. Through this partnership, we aim to enhance our health care sharing experience, allowing for faster and more efficient processing of sharing requests and offering wider access to health care services at discounted rates.

This means that as members of OneShare Health, you now have expanded access to a network of carefully vetted health care providers who are committed to offering their services at lower costs. This is a pivotal step in ensuring that you can enjoy significant savings on out-of-pocket health care expenses, without compromising on the quality of care received.

The Significance of Our Partnership

Our collaboration with the First Health Network is more than a strategic alliance; it is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to your health and well-being. By aligning ourselves with a network that shares our values of quality care and affordability, we reinforce our dedication to serving you with the best possible health care options.

This partnership is a testament to our collective mission to uplift and serve our community through accessible health care solutions that resonate with our Christian faith. As members of OneShare Health, you can now look forward to an even more robust health care sharing experience, underpinned by our shared values and commitment to excellence.

Moving Forward Together

This partnership with the First Health Network marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide you with superior health care solutions. It empowers us to serve you better, ensuring that your health care needs are met with compassion, quality, and affordability at the forefront.

In these times when health care costs are on the rise, our collaboration with the First Health Network serves as a beacon of hope. It underscores the power of community and shared Christian values in navigating the complexities of health care. We are proud to lead the way in fostering a future where accessible health care is a reality for all, supported by our faith and commitment to serving one another.

For those eager to learn more about our Christian Medical Sharing Plans and the benefits of this partnership, we offer extensive resources and support. This new chapter is not merely about providing health care; it's about nurturing a community that cares for and supports one another, living out the good works God has prepared for us.

As we embrace this exciting new phase, we remain devoted to our mission of offering affordable, faith-based health care solutions. Together we are setting new standards in health care sharing, where faith, community, and well-being are intricately woven together, offering you peace of mind and a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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