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5 min read

5 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Easy Lifestyle Changes for How to Keep Your Heart Healthy. 

It is easy to fall into the “well it is easier to eat this...

10 min read

Welcome to OneShare Health! Answers to New Member FAQs

Welcome to OneShare Health! Now that you are valued Member of our Sharing Family, you probably have a few questions...

6 min read

FAQ: How Do I Submit a Sharing Request?

There isn’t a soul around that enjoys paying for health care expenses. Fortunately, OneShare Health is a Christian...

7 min read

FAQ: How Do I Utilize OneShare Health Preventive Services?

Christian cost-sharing ministries like OneShare Health are 100% committed to the health and happiness of our valued...

6 min read

The Truth Behind Health Care Sharing Ministries

As traditional health care costs continue to rise and become unattainable for many American households, finding a...

5 min read

OurStories: Jeremy Farmer on ‘Change’

Every year as we approach fall, I get excited. I love colder weather and the feeling of a cool breeze puts a smile on...

6 min read

In Search of a Healthy Diet for Weight Loss: From Fads to Facts

If you’re likely to follow the latest trend, you have probably heard about the keto diet and intermittent fasting....

5 min read

6 Tips for Building a More Alzheimer's-Resistant Brain

Train your brain with these basic health tips that could help prevent Alzheimer’s.

After age 65, your risk of...

3 min read

All About Christian Health Share Ministries

Christian health share ministries are organizations that facilitate the sharing of Eligible medical expenses among...

4 min read

Stay Sharp! Foods That Will Help Boost Your Memory

Over time, our memory begins to fail us. But there are some things you can do to help keep your brain in top form. For...