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1 min read

'Stumble' by our chaplain - jeremy farmer

No matter how hard we try, we will fall short of the perfection required by God. It is inevitable. The question is, why...

2 min read

Understanding Healthcare Sharing Ministries: A Guide for Consumers

Healthcare sharing ministries (HCSMs) are becoming an increasingly popular option for consumers who are looking for an...

1 min read


I think a lot of times we feel like we have to be perfect for God to be ok with us. So, when we struggle, it can be...

2 min read

Time Management With Mrs. America 2021

How does one maximize their schedule and still make time for Christ? Isn’t that the ultimate question we are all...

2 min read

Available Resources For Those Affected By Recent Layoffs

Losing a job can be a tough and stressful experience, especially if you weren't expecting it. It's important to...

1 min read

How To Get Healthcare After A Layoff

An increasing number of layoffs from major companies, mostly in the tech industry continue to sweep the nation.


2 min read

Forgiveness: Give Grace, Free Yourself

Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful and freeing words in the human vocabulary. However, it can also be one of the...

1 min read

Health Care Sharing Ministries Myth Vs. Fact

Although Health Care Sharing Ministries are becoming more popular, it's still a new concept to many. We want to debunk...

6 min read

Tips to Reduce Sugar and Sodium for a Healthy Diet

Do the foods you love… love you back? For many of us, the answer’s a solid “No.”

And for the majority in that “No”...

4 min read

How to Better Manage Your Chronic Stomach Pain

Chronic stomach pain is a common problem and one that can be extremely frustrating to deal with. If you're struggling...