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6 min read

Five Tips on How to Get Good Sleep

There’s no way around it, and certainly no substitute for it: a good night’s sleep is always just what the doctor...

4 min read

FAQ: How Long Have Health Care Sharing Programs Been Around?

While cost-sharing ministries have been providing their Members with affordable ways to pay for medical costs for...

4 min read

OneShare Health to Make Transition to First Health® Provider Network

Christian health share company announces First Health® Provider Network will replace current provider network.


4 min read

IRS to Allow Mid-Year Health Plan Enrollment: What it Means for You

Employees would be allowed to sign up for coverage if they had previously opted out, or they can change health...

5 min read

FAQ: Is OneShare Health a Non-Profit Organization?

Yes! OneShare Health LLC is a Christian non-profit entity and it shares the Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status of its...

5 min read

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy on Their Own with These 5 Tips

These five basic health tips for kids will have your little ones asking for second helpings of the ‘green stuff.’


10 min read

OneShare Health Partners with Tim Tebow Foundation

OneShare Health Partners with Tim Tebow Foundation to be Premier Sponsor of Shine On Initiative 

Christian Health Care...

6 min read

7 Health Tips for Healthy Living

Think you’re leading a healthy lifestyle?

We’re here to give you the lowdown on what it means to live a healthier,...

4 min read

FAQ: Is Maternity Eligible for Sharing with OneShare Health?

Is maternity eligible for sharing with OneShare Health? Yes, maternity sharing services are available on the Classic...

3 min read

OneShare Health Founder Guest Stars on Radio Show

Forever Young Radio Show Invited Alex Cardona to Talk Health Care Sharing, Philanthropy, and OneShare’s Christ-Driven...