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6 min read

What Do OneShare Health Members Need to Know About COVID-19?

Read more about which shared medical services OneShare Health can provide our Members when it comes to COVID-19.


6 min read

FAQ: What is Christian Health Care Sharing?

What is Christian Health Care Sharing?

Christian health care sharing helps Members save money on their health care...

3 min read

OneShare Health Uplifts Community by Adopting Families in Need

Christian Health Share Gives Back to Texas’ Largest Family Violence Service Provider through Adopt-a-Family Program


5 min read

Tips on How to Decrease your Caffeine Intake

From the early morning to the mid-day pick me up, that hot cup of coffee or cold soda may not be the best way to wake...

4 min read

Healthy Habits to Pick Up for the New Year

We’ve been faced with countless challenges this year, no doubt about it. Despite the trials of 2020, however, God has...

5 min read

Fun and Healthy Ways to Improve Your Daily Routine

Having healthy habits is hard but keeping up with them tends to be more difficult. Sticking to your healthy resolutions...

5 min read

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Sleep

Getting a full night's sleep is optimal for full functionality during the daytime. Sleep is important for having a ...

4 min read

How To Make Exercise Fun and Enjoyable

Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a chore. There are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into activities that you...

6 min read

Merry Christmas from Jeremy Farmer and Your OneShare Family

What a great time of the year! It’s time we celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus. His story is one of awe and...

4 min read

FAQ: How Is OneShare Health Different From Health Insurance?

Let's learn about the difference between Christian health insurance and a Christian health insurance alternative: an...