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6 min read

Stay Hydrated! Tips to Make Sure You Drink Enough Water

Drinking water every day is a health hack that’s often taken for granted. It seems so simple and, yet, it’s so hard for...

9 min read

OurStories: Catherine Burton on Understanding God's Calling

Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor Weighs in on Faith & Workmanship Under God

Twenty-five years ago, Catherine Burton...

6 min read

Summer Health Tips: Fun Things to Do Outside and Stay Active

It’s summer! Warm weather invites us all to get outside and move around. It’s what this season’s all about. But forget...

6 min read

OurStories: Jeremy Farmer's Thoughts on Parenthood

OneShare Health Staff Chaplain discusses being a Christian father

I remember vividly the day I became a father.

A nurse...

8 min read

Tips to Cut Out Unhealthy Habits

Bad habits can be hard to break. These basic health tips will help.

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog...

6 min read

How Do I Navigate My OneShare Health Care Sharing Program?

Whether a Health Care Sharing Ministry is new to you or not, we want to make sure you are well equipped to use our...

11 min read

Did You Know? Health Tips and Fun Health Facts

Life is simply better when we’re healthy and we can enjoy being active. Things like carrying extra weight, mental...

3 min read

OurStories: Jeremy Farmer on Spending Time With Loved Ones

The temperatures are slowly rising and summer is just around the corner. For me, this means constant thought on how to...

7 min read

Tips to Reduce Sugar and Sodium for a Healthy Diet

Do the foods you love… love you back? For many of us, the answer’s a solid “No.”

And for the majority in that “No”...

8 min read

Free Mental Health Resources to help YOU Get Back on Track!

Hardship and stress are a necessary—albeit painful—part of life. If we don’t have the means to control it, then things...