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Mastering the Art of Communication With Pastor Jeremy

By OneShare Health on 12:30 AM on September 12, 2023

From the very beginning, communication is woven into the fabric of our existence. As infants, we begin with the simplest forms of expression, but as we grow, our ability to convey thoughts and feelings evolves into a complex symphony. Why? Because we are designed for connection and community. Our means of communication are diverse, encompassing body language, facial expressions, and, of course, spoken words. While all these forms have their significance, let's focus on the immense power of our spoken language.

Topics: Biblical
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From Fear to Faith: Embracing the Comfort of Psalm 23

By OneShare Health on 1:15 PM on August 15, 2023

Life is a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, often taking us through valleys of uncertainty and challenges. In those moments, finding solace and encouragement in sacred scriptures can be a guiding light. One such scripture that has brought comfort to countless hearts is Psalm 23. This Psalm not only offers profound words of wisdom but also tells a story of transformation from fear to faith.

Topics: Biblical
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Know Your Purpose with Suzy Bootz

By OneShare Health Guest on 11:49 AM on August 1, 2023

For if you desire to inspire another by reminding them the power they have to create the life of their dreams comes through their connection to God, then do something that will inspire them. Choose how you will get your new dream home. Do you desire to create it within your mind and then purchase it, or do you desire to be creative and reveal to another soul how they too can create that which they desire through prayer and serving as co-creators in their own lives? Everything you choose to do in connection to your desire of wanting to inspire another and empower another, let it come from your heart of contribution. If you seek to empower another then provide them the tools you used to create the dream you once thought impossible.

Topics: Biblical Podcast
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Do You Know Your Worth?

By OneShare Health on 2:04 PM on June 20, 2023

Know Your Worth

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