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Take Time for God

By OneShare Health on 12:23 PM on January 11, 2024

Take Time for God Today

Have you ever opened a new bible study or self-care book, excited for how it will change your life? Hoping it will spark a fire deep within and help you grow more? Now fast forward a week, month, or year only to find you are still in the first chapter. Sound familiar? Me too! Life happens and seems to never slow down. You have to stay late at work, go to the grocery store, make dinner, and put the kids to bed. Then you are exhausted and must prioritize the remaining hour left in the night. We are all guilty of this and typically Christ is left out or put to the side ‘until tomorrow’. Ever find yourself saying ‘I’m going to do better. I just need more time.’

Well, unfortunately none of us are gifted with more time. In fact, we are running out of it. The only thing certain and eternal in life is God. Therefore, I think we can all agree He deserves more of our attention. Easier said than done, I know. BUT……where there is a will, there is a way! Let’s break this task into five easy and doable steps.

  1. PRAY – Everything should start with prayer. Start by praying for God to remind you to open His Word. He wants you to spend time with Him by studying His Word and will equip you to learn from Him. We all need reminders and it’s okay to ask for help.
  2. MAKE A PLAN – Schedule time for your Bible study. If it’s not planned or put on the calendar in advance, chances are it won’t happen. Scheduling a designated time will ensure that you follow through with your plan to complete your Bible study consistently, which is key. Map out the whole study in your planner and determine a finish date. That date has now become a goal!
  3. ENLIST HELP – Ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable. Better yet, ask them to join you and do it together! Help each other stay focused and on task to get the most from each session.
  4. SHARE YOUR PROGRESS – Share what you are learning with those around you. This can help you to retain the information and realize how beneficial the Bible study is to you.
  5. SET A TIMER – Even if you don’t have a lot of time, it is better to spend 10 minutes with God than nothing at all. So, set a timer for the allotted time and read until the timer goes off. Do your very best to ignore any distractions during this time.

This challenge needs 100% of your dedication and commitment. Don’t give up as He has never given up on us. Reading the Bible or completing a study can create the radical transformation in your heart that’s needed! You will begin to see a difference with your behavior, attitude, and overall outlook on life. This is an opportunity to begin healing to restore your spirit, soul, and body through the power of His Word.

The Bible can be confusing and is filled with more knowledge than we could ever imagine. The best advice we can provide is to take it verse by verse, page by page and follow exactly what the study instructs you to do. Think of His Word like medicine – we truly need it to survive and more importantly, THRIVE! So, no matter where you are in your walk with Christ, I encourage to start anywhere and just dive in. There is no right or wrong way to go about this and procrastinating is certainly not the answer.

The sooner you start, the quicker you will strengthen and deepen your relationship with Christ. He wants to know you and be with you always rather you have time or not. Know this, if you stay faithful and put in the time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how your life changes for the better. The Bible provides truth and encouragement which we are all seeking in one way or the other. The real question is, are we seeking it in all the wrong places?  

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