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All About Christian Health Share Ministries

By OneShare Health on 11:00 AM on August 30, 2021

Christian Health Ministries are not like Christian health insurance, instead, they facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among Members.

Christian health share ministries are organizations that facilitate the sharing of Eligible medical expenses among groups of Christian families and individuals who have united under the biblical principle of assisting each other during times of need (Galatians 6:2).

OneShare Health is one such medical cost-sharing ministry that provides our Members with a unique, affordable, ACA-exempt path to health care. Let’s look further into a health care ministry as an alternative to traditional and Christian health insurance by breaking down some of the highlights!

Learn about how Christian Health plans with Christian healthcare ministries can save money on health care as alternatives to Christian health insurance.

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OneShare Health is an alternative to Christian health insurance. With Christian health plans offered by Christian healthcare ministries like OneShare, you can save money on health care.

shutterstock_609108491-minHow Did Medical Cost-Sharing Programs Come to Be?

Health Care Sharing Ministries consist of Members of a community who share a goal of building each other up and carrying each other’s burdens while providing physical, spiritual, and financial support. In these organizations—which are also called Christian health ministries, medical health sharing, and medical cost-sharing Programs—health care costs are shared among the health care ministry Members who have common religious or ethical beliefs.

The idea behind health care sharing can be traced back as early as a century ago when Amish and Mennonite communities would come together to lighten the burden of individuals’ debts during times of hardship. Later, in the 20th Century, medical health sharing started to branch out to broader communities through larger ministries within the Christian community.

By 2018, the act of medical health sharing included over 1 million people who were Members of these ministries and belonged to a group that participated in medical cost-sharing, sharing billions of dollars in Eligible medical costs in the United States.


Is Christian Health Insurance the same as a Christian Health Share

No, Health Care Sharing Ministries are not the same as Christian health insurance. The most notable difference between health insurance and medical cost-sharing is the legality. Traditional and Christian health insurance plans require a person to enter a legally binding contract with the insurance company, while a Christian health share facilitates the voluntary sharing of medical bills among its Members.

Medical cost-sharing is used to describe the collective effort to pay medical bills. When you are a Member of a medical cost-sharing ministry, you pay a Monthly Contribution that goes into a giant pool of resources. These collective funds are then used to pay other Members’ Eligible medical expenses and vice versa.

Why Should I Join a Christian Health Ministry?

At OneShare Health, we are committed to inspiring healthier, joyful communities on the path of life. But we realized that in order to do that, our medical cost-sharing Programs needed to fit the medical needs of all our individual Members. That’s why we’ve designed three Membership Programs, each tailored to fit the health needs of a variety of families and individuals.

The flexible, affordable health care sharing Programs in our Christian health share will fit your needs and your budget. Our Programs provide access to a wealth of beneficial features and Membership Discount Services! Learn more about OneShare Health. Our health care ministry may be the solution you need to meet increasing medical costs!



How Do Christian Health Shares Work? | Christian Health Ministries instead facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among Members, so they are not like Christian health insurance.


“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV)How Do Christian Health Shares Work? | Christian Health Ministries are not like Christian health insurance, instead, they facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among Members.

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