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Find out what sets medical sharing apart from health insurance.

Just what makes health sharing ministries like OneShare Health such an attractive option for individuals and families? For starters, we are not considered Christian health insurance. Instead, we’re a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry that welcomes and unites Members who agree with our core biblical principles and Statement of Beliefs relating to life, health, and caring for others.

What is one share health insurance alternative? We’re one of the best medical sharing plans that’s also a great Christian health insurance alternative!

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Learn about how OneShare Health plans with our Christian health ministry can save money on health care.

Is OneShare Health Insurance like Chrisitan health insurance plans? Is it the same as Christian health insurance? Nope. Learn more about Health Care Sharing Ministries like OneShare Health!

Is OneShare Health considered Christian health insurance?

Though we are a Christian company, OneShare Health is not health insurance. As such, OneShare Health is not regulated by state insurance regulators, and Members are exempt from the individual mandate requirement of the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). While that individual mandate is no longer enforced under federal law, you may wish to consult your legal advisor regarding any relevant individual mandates under state law.

Who regulates OneShare Health?

As a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry, OneShare Health is regulated by the IRS and by State Attorneys General.

What does it mean to be regulated by these entities?

In short, OneShare Health is subject to the IRS’s oversight of nonprofits and is required to file annual financial information to ensure proper operations and spending of our Members’ funds. Regarding regulation by the State Attorneys General, we are subject to enforcement of consumer protection laws, thus protecting our Members against any fraud or deceptive practices.

Does health insurance offer medical sharing Programs like OneShare Health?

No, the Sharing Programs offered by OneShare Health are unique to our company. They provide an affordable and ACA-exempt path to health care through the sharing of medical costs by Members of our Faith Community.

Why choose OneShare Health? Insurance is more traditional.

Compared to OneShare Health, insurance is one of the more accepted routes to receiving health care, sure. But, is it your best option? Whether you’re a healthy individual who’s in a good position to bless others through sharing, or a growing family with several loved ones to look after, a Christian health share is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of next-day Active Dates, as well as beneficial features including 24/7 Clever HealthTM Smart Virtual Care (Telemedicine) that's 100% Shared, Emergency Room Visits, Hospitalization, Labs, and more.1 Not to mention, administration of Expense Sharing is simple and streamlined, and our Member experience is simply unparalleled. 

Still have some burning questions about OneShare Health and exactly what a Health Care Sharing Ministry is? Visit our Knowledge Base for a comprehensive guide to your FAQs.

Oneshare health insurance alternatives are some of the best medical sharing plans that are a great option to Christian health insurance!

Save up to 50% or more on health care! 

If you don't want to go the Obamacare route, and also want to save money on your care, check out our Health Care Sharing Ministry that's exempt from the ACA. OneShare Health is an alternative to traditional insurance coverage, we are a Health Care Sharing Ministry that could start saving you thousands per year on your healthcare!

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Learn about how OneShare Health plans with our Christian health ministry can save money on health care.

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 


2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV) 

Is OneShare Health Insurance? We’re not Christian health insurance, rather a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry for those who agree with our Statement of Beliefs.


1Certain Limitations and exclusions apply such as Pre-Existing Conditions. Please refer to your Membership Guidebooks for full details and Sharing Eligibility.

Is One Share health insurance? No, instead we offer the best health care sharing plans that are an alternative to Christian health insurance.

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