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The cost of medical care is steadily on the rise. As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, it's important to consider the impact of unnecessary care. Unneeded medical tests, procedures, and treatments not only add to the overall cost of healthcare, but they can also be harmful to patients. At OneShare Health, we're committed to helping our Members avoid unnecessary care and costs.


What is Unnecessary Care?

Unnecessary care is medical treatment that does not improve a patient's health outcomes or quality of life. Examples of unnecessary care include overprescribing medications, ordering unnecessary medical tests and diagnostics, and performing unnecessary surgical procedures. Unnecessary care can lead to unexpected expensive medical bills and avoidable complications.


The Cost of Unnecessary Care

The cost of unnecessary care is staggering. According to a report from the National Academy of Medicine, unnecessary medical tests and treatments cost the United States healthcare system up to $340 billion each year when factoring costs associated with the tests, procedures, and follow-up care needed after treatments.


How OneShare Health is Helping Members Avoid Unnecessary Care

At OneShare Health, we're committed to helping our Members make informed healthcare decisions to be better stewards of their hard-earned dollars. Our health care sharing ministry offers a range of health and wellness programs that help our Members stay healthy and avoid unnecessary medical expenses including:


1. Telemedicine: Our Smart Virtual Care program through Clever HealthTM allows OneShare Health Members to consult with a doctor from the comfort of their own home. This reduces the need for unnecessary office visits and can help Members avoid unnecessary medical tests and procedures. In addition, Smart Virtual Care (Telemedicine) is available from day one of the membership and has a $0 consult fee!


2. Mental Health Support: Schedule mental wellness appointments with licensed mental health professionals for a low cost through Clever HealthTM. Our Members can also access trained, empathetic listeners who provide peer-to-peer support based on shared experiences or Bella, the 24/7 interactive chatbot.


3. Prescription Discounts: Our prescription discount savings program through WellCard Savings WellCard Savings include even more robust savings on what matters most, like dental, vision, and prescription needs, and even something to benefit your fur babies with TeleVet! Plus, you will be able to enjoy discounts on fun things like entertainment, including Disney® theme parks, movie tickets, hotels, rental cars, and more!


At OneShare Health, we're always listening to our Members and implementing new programs, services and features to help avoid unnecessary care and reduce their healthcare expenses.

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