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Health Care Sharing Ministry celebrates sharing medical costs among its Members in record-breaking amount

IRVING, Texas, August 19, 2021 ( - Irving-based OneShare Health announced today it has reached a milestone by surpassing $114 million in administered sharing for Members of its Health Care Sharing Ministry. Administered sharing includes medical costs and expenses shared by Members who join the OneShare community for affordable access to health care.
Shared through monthly Member Contributions, this milestone is an indicator that the Health Care Sharing Community - a unique alternative to traditional health care insurance - is gaining steam in the marketplace.

"We're proud that our Members are being served in this way and that joining OneShare Health represents real medical cost savings for them and their families," said Jeff Gary, CEO at OneShare Health. With a focus on giving back to each other and the world at large, OneShare Health and its Members form a Community that centers around God and his teachings. It is one of the many differences in this brand of cost-sharing - and one of many reasons for OneShare Health's growth.

"As a unique health care solution, OneShare is proving that our model of a Biblical Sharing Community works in more ways than one," Gary said.

Meeting this achievement means many OneShare Members were able to enjoy reduced costs on their medical expenses when they needed it most. It demonstrates how the Ministry's purpose is being realized each and every day for Community Members who choose this path to accessible, affordable health care. In addition to the Ministry's recent acceptance into the prestigious Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries (AHCSM), OneShare Health is positioned to continue to grow exponentially and bring much-needed health care solutions to more members in the coming months as a faith-based Health Care Sharing Ministry.Join our Christian health share today and you could save thousands on your health care!

Many HCSMs are Restrictive. You Need One that Fits Your Lifestyle.

If you’re finding your current Health Care Sharing Ministry has slow sharing and processing times, your Sharing Requests are not paid, and clunky technology has become an annoyance, you’re not alone.

Many Members of other HCSMs around the country find that their Memberships are restrictive of lifestyles, non-inclusive, and don’t offer Eligibility for essentials such as Specialists or Maternity, Discounts on medications like birth control, and so much more.


Join our Christian health share today and you could save thousands on your health care!

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Hebrews 13:16 (ESV)

Join our Christian health share today and you could save thousands on your health care!

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