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Never Alone

By OneShare Health on 3:49 PM on April 13, 2023

I remember a time when my oldest son was just a year old and he had a severe seizure. It lasted a very longtime and he needed medical intervention. So much so that he had to be flow to a bigger hospital to care for him. My wife rode on the helicopter with him and all I could do is stand there watch my whole world take off not knowing how things would turn out. I mention this memory to tell you how alone I felt watching that helicopter flying away. There was a profound sense of emptiness, and fear overwhelmed me. In my brokenness, I cried out to Jesus to help me. I didn’t know what to ask Him for other than “HELP”! As I continued to lean into Jesus, I began to experience peace and comfort. I can’t explain why, it just was. As it turned out, my son ended up perfectly fine and is a strong healthy teenager that is a competitive swimmer. Oh, did I mention he is smart too. All that to say, Jesus was with me! Even before I cried out, He was with me! Hebrews 13 tell us "I will never leave you nor forsake you."   Psalm 139:7 ESV says “Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?” Jesus was speaking to His disciples in Matthew 28:20 ESV “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

He is always with us no matter the situation or circumstance, good or bad. Trust In Jesus and have faith that He is with you, especially when you feel the loneliest. Rest in the promise of His presence. Know that He loves you and He will never leave you alone and abandoned.

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