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OneShare Health Spotlight: Riding for a Cause

By OneShare Health on 11:00 AM on March 31, 2021

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Carrlos Boyd, OneShare Health’s Salesforce CRM Director will soon  be crossing the finish line of the Tour du Rouge to help The Arc of Greater Houston.

OneShare Health exists as a witness to the love and faithfulness of God as He provides for the medical needs of His children, but we also make a point to come together to support local and national non-profits. We believe this demonstrates the love of God for others, and we’re proud to say that OneShare Health’s vision of a loving and compassionate Community is even reflected in our amazing employees!

Carrlos Boyd, OneShare Health’s Salesforce CRM Director is headed to the Tour du Rouge

Carrlos Boyd, OneShare Health’s Salesforce CRM Director, has made an incredible journey back to health – and now he’s now using his life experience to help others. With the backing and support of OneShare Health’s Ministry, Carrlos will carry OneShare’s colors, logo, and emphatic love of our Community across the finish line of the Tour du Rouge.

Through a six-day bike ride from Houston to New Orleans that takes place May 2nd-7th, 2021, Carrlos will ride to benefit The Arc of Greater Houston – a charity providing programs and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We sat down with Carrlos to chat about his journey toward health, and the impact he hopes to make on the lives of others with the help of OneShare Health and readers like you! Read on to find out how you can partner with us as well! 


Carrlos Boyd, OneShare Health’s Salesforce CRM Director is headed to the Tour du Rouge

OneShare Health: Can you tell us about the importance of health and exercise for you? What has your journey been like?

Carrlos Boyd: One day back in 2008 or so, I was reading a news article about how the lack of exercise affects African American men at an extremely high rate with the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Knowing that I have parents with health issues (my father had diabetes before succumbing to cancer and my mother has diabetes and high blood pressure) I decided that I needed to take better care of my health so I would be around for my kids and grandkids for many years to come.

It also didn’t help my situation that I was at my heaviest weight ever, around 230 lbs. As a former Marine who ran on a constant basis as part of the job, it was natural that I started running as a way to get back into shape. This led me to 5Ks. But the distance started feeling short and my natural competitiveness kicked in and I started running half marathons and eventually full marathons. And just to add some spice to the journey, back in 2016 I decided to try a triathlon, which I loved.

This year I am training for my first Ironman, which will ramp up after the 530+ mile Tour du Rouge.carrlos_riding-minOSH: How can others get involved in the kinds of things you do? What steps did you take to get started when you first decided to really focus on health and exercise?

CB: For anyone that wants to get into exercise as a way to get or stay healthy, the first thing I would recommend is a visit with their doctor to make sure they are in relatively good health for their current situation. Once their doctor gives them guidance on what they should or shouldn’t do, they should reach out to someone they know that is involved in healthy exercise for suggestions on local clubs, races, and events. Looking forward to these events is a great motivation. For me, surrounding myself with like-minded people was key in getting on the right path and then the accountability helped keep me on track.

OSH: It’s hard going from being inactive to a triathlete. Can you tell us any tips or tricks for getting motivated?

CB: START SLOW! I started by just walking a mile a day for many weeks before even attempting to jog! There is an analogy that getting healthy is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

In other words, you have to commit to lifestyle changes with respect to exercise and eating healthier because it should be a long-term effort and not a short, temporary effort. Your body will start to tell you when it’s ready to increase or ramp up training.

OSH: Tell us more about your riding group – Mad Duck Cyclery Team.

CB: The Mad Duck team is a group of riders mainly from Grapevine, Texas, although some come from all over the DFW area, that come together at the Mad Duck Cyclery shop to do organized rides. They are very accommodating to all levels of riders by having pace groups for just about anyone. They also participate in many charity events, which I really like. Carrlos Boyd, OneShare Health’s Salesforce CRM Director is headed to the Tour du Rouge

OSH: You’ve run marathons in Boston, NYC, Berlin, Tokyo, and Chicago. Can you share your experiences?

CB: Those are five of the six world marathon majors. I still have to run the London marathon to complete the six and earn my “6th star.” This is something that less people have done than have summitted Mt. Everest! But I have also run multiple marathons in the U.S. like the Publix Georgia Marathon in Atlanta, GA, the Space Coast Marathon in Cocoa Beach, FL, and the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. My most memorable marathon is probably the second time I ran the Chicago marathon.

My wife and son (who was 14 at the time) ran with me. We raised almost $2,000 for charity and ran as a family! We made custom T-shirts with “TeamBoyd” on the front and then on the back my shirt said “DAD,” my wife’s shirt said “MOM,” and my son’s shirt said “SON!” It was a hit out on the course! We got so many positive comments and feedback the entire 26 miles.

A few days after the race, a friend of ours actually saw a photo posted of us that was taken by an unknown person and posted on social media! That was cool! 

OSH: What motivated you to train for an Ironman? Was it just the next hill to climb (so to speak), since you’ve done half marathons and marathons now?

CB: Being a former Marine, certified scuba diving instructor, and former pro motorcycle racer overseas, I am always looking for the next challenge! After countless 5Ks, 10Ks, 30+ half marathons, and nearly a dozen marathons, completing an Ironman was definitely the next hill to climb! I’m constantly challenging myself while staying fit and healthy in the process.

OSH: Your upcoming bike ride is the Tour du Rouge. What’s it like?

CB: This is my first time riding the Tour du Rouge. I think we will average about 88 miles per day for six days but will have at least one 100+ mile day. The most I’ve ridden in one day is 75 miles, so this will definitely be a challenge. We will leave Houston on the 2nd of May and arrive in New Orleans on the 7th of May. There are about 66 riders, 30 of which are from my team. OSH: How has OneShare supported you in your goals and in your health journey?

CB: OneShare is like family for me. Knowing that they care about some of the same things I care about make working for the Ministry a joy. At a very young age growing up, my parents taught me the need for us to help others whenever and however we can. It’s a joy seeing the Ministry give back to the less fortunate and it’s a bigger thrill seeing them align with something I am trying to do for charity.


Carrlos makes it a point to live out OneShare Health’s commitment to lifting others with compassionate care – we call that commitment Mission in Motion. Want to support Carrlos in his upcoming ride? Take a look at his fundraising page to donate or leave a message of support! Good luck in the Tour du Rouge, Carrlos – we’re very proud of you!

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OneShare Health Care Sharing Ministry is a Christian Health Insurance Alternative

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OneShare Health Care Sharing Ministry is a Christian Health Insurance Alternative

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