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WFAA Good Morning Texas interviews Jeff Gary, the CEO of OneShare Health’s regarding the benefits of a Health Care Sharing Ministry.   

To help spread the word of Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries, Jeff Gary, CEO of OneShare Health, discussed the main differences between our health care sharing Programs and traditional health insurance with local news channel WFAA for the morning show, “Good Morning Texas.”  


Being a part of a Faith-Based medical sharing Community, like OneShare Health, means being part of a group with similar pillars of religious beliefs who share their medical costs. Gary told Good Morning Texas that “we are on a Mission to change the health care industry and put the power back into our Members’ hands.” OneShare Health’s Christian medical sharing Community strives to support all its Members.   

Gary states in the interview that One of the main things that set Health Care Sharing Ministries apart, aside from providing an affordable health care option, is how “we focus on integrating the body and the spirit.” This drives home the fact that OneShare puts our Members first and cares about the entire spiritual, physical, and financial wellbeing of our Community.   

Another difference between OneShare Health and traditional health insurance is that we give back to our Community. Gary shared how, in the past, OneShare has contributed to charitable foundations such as the Tim Tebow Foundation, adopted struggling families during holiday times, and donated to the family care non-profit, a Family Place, in Dallas.   

Alongside discussing the benefits of being a part of a Christian medical sharing Community that sees people instead of medical bills, he spoke about how health care sharing works—by Members contributing to their Faith Community to help each other and thereby sharing the cost of their medical bills. According to Gary, OneShare Health has shared over $116 million in medical expenses over the past three years, and that number just keeps growing.   

If you are wondering, yes, anyone can join any one of our Christian health care sharing Programs. If you want to join our Community, there is no better time than this upcoming open enrollment period. Currently, OneShare is offering a discount for our GMT viewers. Visit us for a $75 discount on your Enrollment Fee. Click below and use promo code “FREEDOM” today!   

OneShare Health's Christian Health Share was recently spotlighted on WFAA. Learn more!

How Do I Join OneShare Health’s Christian Health Share?  

Joining OneShare Health is a great opportunity to be a part of a Community that supports one another through spiritual and medical journeys. This is not an insurance company but rather a Christian medical insurance alternative. Get your free quote by clicking here or click below to enroll with your special $75 Enrollment Fee discount now!  


OneShare Health's Christian Health Share was recently spotlighted on WFAA. Learn more!

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  

Philippians 4:19 (ESV)  

OneShare Health's Christian Health Share was recently spotlighted on WFAA. Learn more! 

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