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Employees would be allowed to sign up for coverage if they had previously opted out, or they can change health insurance plans altogether.

It would be stating the obvious to say how much the novel coronavirus has shaken things up for the country and sent a ripple effect into the foreseeable future. What many are seeing as COVID-19 takes its toll is consumers beginning to rethink the health plan decisions they made in the fall of 2019, and consider whether their health care elections are as extensive as they should be during a global pandemic. Affordable health care is a must-have due to increasing medical costs, and that’s why the IRS is giving employees and employers a shot at a mid-year health plan enrollment do-over.

Health Insurance Plan Changes Are Allowed Mid-Year in 2020

This IRS announcement comes after employer groups requested that employees be allowed to make changes to their health plan in the middle of the year. This new mid-year enrollment can benefit those who initially opted not to enroll in a plan, as they would now be able to do so, and to cancel current coverage and seek affordable health care alternatives or switch from one type of health care plan to another.


The IRS has agreed to allow mid-year health care enrollment in 2020, and the announcement could prove to be a welcome relief for Americans experiencing decreases in their income or work status and are searching for cheaper alternatives.

ACA-Exempt Solutions and Affordable Health Care Solutions

Having this mid-year enrollment option means a great deal to those feeling the impact of COVID-19. Health care plans aside, American citizens are still in need of efficient, reliable, and affordable ways to continue their everyday lives. And, in light of this mid-year health care enrollment, it’s beneficial to explore options to pay for health care costs.

Exploring Your Choices: What’s a Health Care Sharing Ministry?

Medical cost-sharing programs offered by Health Care Sharing Ministries are not the same as health insurance. Instead, think of health care sharing programs as a sort of crowdfunding for your medical bills with other Members of a faith-based community.

OneShare Health is one of these non-profit Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs) who provides Members with ACA-exempt and affordable solutions to pay for medical costs. These health care sharing programs meet strict federal guidelines set forth by the IRS and by State Attorneys General, while allowing people of similar faiths to share medical costs among a harmonious community that guides and helps its Members with spiritual, emotional, and financial support.


Introducing: OneShare Health’s Medical Cost-Sharing Programs

During this special mid-year medical enrollment period, those who are exploring their choices to pay for health care costs are invited to become Members of OneShare Health.


OneShare Health’s Mission is to empower people with the Freedom of Choice by providing biblical alternatives to traditional health insurance. That’s why our health care sharing programs are flexible, affordable, inclusive, and straightforward. For those who are looking for health care solutions, OneShare Health’s programs are suited to your needs, budget, and care expectations.


The OneShare Health Classic and Catastrophic health care sharing programs provide something for every level of care. Our Members can meet increasing health care costs with affordable medical cost-sharing programs that include:

  • Next-day Active Dates 
  • 24/7 access to Clever HealthTM Smart Virtual Care (Telemedicine) with a Consult Fee that is 100% Shared
  • Traditionally, consumers are in the habit of seeking medical services through a defined Provider Network – if a doctor or hospital isn't on the list, benefits are reduced. That's not the case with OneShare Health!
    OneShare Health Members are given the freedom to choose a healthcare Provider; to go to any hospital or Facility they’d like! That way, we can help lower Out-of-Pocket expenses for care and stretch their healthcare dollars.
  • OneShare Member Support which provides personalized assistance to Members in understanding and using their chosen Program. Easily reached by calling (855) 699-1274, Monday through Friday, 8am — 6pm CST.
  • Peace of mind knowing your Eligible medical costs will be shared
  • Bella, the Intuitive Mental Health Chatbot, connects 24/7 via the Clever HealthTM App to support you in the moments you need it most. The AI-powered mental health coaching chat specializes in anxiety and depression, provides self-help content and coping techniques, is 100% anonymous, and is accessible 24/7/365!


Take a look at our OneShare Health reviews to learn more about us and what it means to be a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry, or find your health care sharing program and become a OneShare Health Member today!


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“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

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