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Health Care Sharing Ministries Myth Vs. Fact

By OneShare Health on 5:39 PM on December 6, 2022

Although Health Care Sharing Ministries are becoming more popular, it's still a new concept to many. We want to debunk some of the myths about HCSMs and show you why this affordable alternative to traditional health insurance may be right for you!

Myth: I pay less monthly, but I will pay more for each service.

Fact: With OneShare Health, you have a simple visit fee for eligible services like doctor’s visits, urgent care visits, specialist visits, and the ER!

Consumers are becoming smarter shoppers but there is still a huge education gap between healthcare costs and patients. It's so important to know when you are being overcharged for certain services, but most people today do not have the time to be their own advocate especially when they're going through a health issue. Being a Member of a Health Care Sharing Ministry, you have an advocate willing to negotiate health care costs on your behalf! Health Care Sharing Ministries are nonprofits and facilitate Member's contributions to share in your medical bills. We will help you become great stewards of your healthcare dollars.

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