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Non-profit Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry Introduces New, User-Friendly Website

IRVING, Texas, April 20, 2020 – OneShare Health, an ACA-exempt Christian cost-sharing ministry based in Irving, TX, has launched a brand-new website,, that includes new, user-friendly graphics, simpler navigation, streamlined communication forms and more. The goal of this new website, according to Executive Vice President of Marketing Heather Harrington, is not only to promote growth in OneShare’s client base, but also to further the company’s Christian objectives.

Alex Cardona OneShare Health | Christian Health Sharing Ministry

“This new website is a direct reflection of OneShare Health’s mission,” Harrington said, “which is to inspire healthier, joyful communities on the path of life. Not only have we successfully modernized the design for a clean look and feel, and implemented significant improvements to its SERP qualities, we’ve even incorporated our new One Share, One Voice Blog, which provides users with tools and tips for healthy, Christ-centered living.”

Harrington said that in addition to creating a fast and efficient website that users can intuitively navigate, she and her team have optimized users’ ability to view exactly how membership contributions are allocated, as this was crucial on the agenda of OneShare Health Founder and CEO Alex Cardona. Regarding the checklist he and Harrington discussed when the website was in the beginning stages of reconstruction, Cardona said transparency in OneShare Health’s new website would be fundamental to how consumers would view health care sharing ministries going forward.

“OneShare Health must set the example when it comes to how transparent health care sharing ministries are with members,” Cardona said. “Cost-sharing, especially in a Christian context, is such a valuable alternative to traditional health insurance; we would never want to jeopardize our standing with current and potential members by being anything but open and honest with them.”  

As to what else the new site will accomplish for OneShare Health and its members, Cardona said it’s his hope that the new look, ease of use and overall responsiveness will encourage customer retention and, over time, growth. “It is one of our beliefs, as a Christian HCSM, that we have a responsibility to God and to our fellow Ministry members to engage in accountable, healthy living,” Cardona said. “I believe that our new website manifests this belief and will continue inspiring people to be compassionate towards others.”

In the meantime, Harrington said she is looking forward to introducing users to more advanced web features, and even teased that the company would be introducing a mobile app in the near future.Alex Cardona OneShare Health Insurance Alternative | Christian Health Sharing MinistryAbout OneShare Health: OneShare Health is an ACA-exempt, non-profit, Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) based in Irving, Texas, that facilitates the sharing of medical expenses among individuals and families who are united by a set of shared religious beliefs. Health care sharing ministries are not traditional health insurance and do not accept risk or make guarantees regarding payment of bills submitted by members.


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"A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."

Proverbs 11:25 (ESV)Alex Cardona  OneShare Health | Christian Health Sharing Ministry

ONESHARE HEALTH, LLC (ONESHARE) IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY BUT A RELIGIOUS HEALTH CARE SHARING MINISTRY (HCSM) THAT FACILITATES THE SHARING OF MEDICAL EXPENSES AMONG MEMBERS. As with all HCSMs under 26 USC § 5000A(d)(2)(B)(ii), OneShare’s members are exempt from the ACA individual mandate. OneShare does not assume any legal risk or obligation for payment of member medical expenses. Neither OneShare nor its members guarantee or promise that medical bills will be paid or shared by the membership. Available nationwide, but please check for the most up to date state availability listing. 

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