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OneShare Health is pleased to welcome Pamela Varner Woodson to its Board of Directors. In her new role, she will support and guide the organization in its Mission to provide quality, Christian health care.

Pamela Woodson Joins OneShare Health Board of Directors | Health Sharing Ministries

OneShare Health is the answer to affordable, Christian health care sharing. Join our Ministry today.

What is a health sharing ministry? While not insurance, OneShare Health is an ACA-exempt alternative to traditional health insurance. If you want access to beneficial features that enhance wellness while also taking part in a health cost-sharing program that delivers compassionate care to those in need, OneShare Health is a terrific option for your family.

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For the past 24 years, Woodson has served as Business Administrator and Pastoral Counselor at First Baptist Church in her hometown of Tucker, Georgia. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor with Atlanta Intervention Network, where she has a private practice and facilitates psychoeducational groups, and is also certified by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence as a Family Violence Intervention Facilitator.

Focusing on drug, alcohol, and family violence intervention of predominantly court-mandated clients, Woodson’s ultimate goal centers around changing lives for the better.

“As Christians, we are called to love one another, pray for one another, and be Ministers to the community,” said Woodson. “As a young child, the concept of bearing each other’s burdens was instilled in me as my parents consistently and sacrificially served the community. I watched as they modeled giving gracefully and caring compassionately for others. They were the hands and feet of Jesus to the community.”

Woodson’s spiritual journey began in 1971 when, at the age of 12, she made her profession of faith in Jesus. Since early childhood, her family has consistently lived a faith-based life, where she said growing and maturing in faith was taught and modeled.

“Church was a part of my life, always,” said Woodson. “When I heard of the idea of being born again, being changed, I really did not fully understand what that meant. However, as I began to grow and mature, the meaning of my salvation and the change that I had heard so much about, became clear. It meant thinking outside myself and seeing what I needed to do for others, how I needed to reach out.”

A graduate of Mississippi University for Women, located in Columbus, Mississippi, Woodson has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She also earned a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Argosy University in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to her counseling career, Woodson also takes part in the Special Education Ministry at First Baptist Church of Tucker, serving as its Music Teacher for more than 30 years. Each Sunday morning, she plays piano and sings while adults with special needs join together, prepare art projects, join in music, and have a Bible Study.

“This ministry has been such an incredible blessing for me and my family,” said Woodson. “It has given us an up-close-and-personal view of unconditional love at its very best!”

As for her newest role as a member of OneShare Health’s Board of Directors, Woodson said she was drawn to OneShare Health based on the company’s strong Christian principles of living a low-risk lifestyle.

“While searching for a product that would help me to shift into an early soft retirement,” Woodson recalls, “my husband and I had looked at several health sharing products online. I had been praying for clarity during the search. When my husband began reading about OneShare, it sounded intriguing, immediately. As I continued looking at OneShare Health’s product, everything I read about it fit me. Since then, being a OneShare Member has afforded me this opportunity and I am deeply grateful to work with such an esteemed group.”

Today, Woodson and her husband Barry Fortenberry live in Tucker, GA. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, writing, playing piano, singing, traveling, and being a mom and a grandmother (YaYa).

“I am a firm believer that prayer changes things,” Woodson said. “God has been so good to me throughout my life. I have learned to lean fully on Him for guidance. I’m not saying that it’s all easy, but I am saying that God is faithful in His guidance of me and has taken me to places I could have never dreamed on my own. Thanks be to God!”

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OneShare Health Sharing Plans | Health Sharing Ministries | Christian Health Share Plans

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OneShare Health Sharing Plans | Health Sharing Ministries | Christian Health Share Plans

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”


Galatians 6:2 (NIV) 

OneShare Health Sharing Plans | Health Sharing Ministries | Christian Health Share Plans


ONESHARE HEALTH, LLC (ONESHARE) IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY BUT A RELIGIOUS HEALTH CARE SHARING MINISTRY (HCSM) THAT FACILITATES THE SHARING OF MEDICAL EXPENSES AMONG MEMBERS. As with all HCSMs under 26 USC § 5000A(d)(2)(B)(ii), OneShare’s members are exempt from the ACA individual mandate. OneShare does not assume any legal risk or obligation for payment of member medical expenses. Neither OneShare nor its members guarantee or promise that medical bills will be paid or shared by the membership. Available nationwide, but please check for the most up to date state availability listing. 


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