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Greetings, OneShare Family. My name’s Kelley, and I’ve been a Member of OneShare Health’s Complete Program since December 2019. My husband Rick and I are both teachers. We have two sons—Chandler, 15, and Ethan, 13—an 8-year-old golden retriever named Maisy, a hedgehog named Pancake (age unknown), and one live-in mother-in-law named Lori (age undisclosed). Needless to say, we live a busy lifestyle.

Between running the kids to and from after-school activities, attending our own after-school activities, keeping the pantry stocked and the bedsheets clean, our household is constantly on the move. And just like our schedules are tight, so is our budget. So, you can imagine my family’s relief when we discovered that OneShare offered Healthcare Bluebook’s services to Members.

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Break the mold of traditional health care with health sharing ministries like OneShare.

What is a health sharing ministry? Put simply, we’re a health cost-sharing ministry that puts the needs of our Members first and foremost. We offer feature-rich Programs that fit every need and budget, and we serve individuals and families! Become a Member of a Family that always has your back today.

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What is Healthcare Bluebook? Well, it’s a service that helps over-the-top busy parents like Rick and me find affordable health care providers in our area. The first time we ever used it, we were amazed at the accuracy and swiftness of the search results. I mean, these guys have really taken convenience to a whole new level.

Why did we start using Healthcare Bluebook? Over the summer, Chandler was trying out for his high school’s football team. His father and I were both grading papers in the bleachers, cheering him on in-between batches of stoichiometry quizzes and timed essays on The Scarlet Letter, when we heard a handful of nearby parents groan in unison. We looked up to see one of the players hunched over on the 20-yard line. It was Chandler.

Seconds later, Rick and I were kneeling on either side of him, frantic but also trying to keep our cool for our son’s sake. “My collarbone reallllly hurts,” Chandler breathed. Up until this point, our family had been able to avoid broken bones and other serious injuries, so Rick and I were feeling a little helpless. Twenty minutes later, the three of us were at the ER; Ethan and Lori arrived later.

Chandler’s X-rays revealed a fracture on the right side of his collarbone; surgery might need to be on our periphery. So while the doctor was fitting him with a sling, Rick and I started reaching out to friends and relatives for recommendations on providers. One of our friends, who also happens to be a OneShare Health Member, told us that she had recently used Healthcare Bluebook to find a specialist and loved it. So, we logged into our OneShareBox account and began the search for an orthopedic surgeon.

I kid you not, it took all of five minutes to find a list of reputable (and affordable) health care providers in our area. The next morning, I scheduled a consultation with a surgeon who was 15 minutes from our house, and the following day, we had an appointment. After reviewing Chandler’s X-rays further, the doctor told us surgery wasn’t necessary after all (cue a HUGE sigh of relief from my husband and me) but that contact sports would not be in the foreseeable future for my son (cue another sigh of relief from mom).

Did we end up having to pay the Specialist Fee for some peace of mind? Yes. Did the community at OneShare Health help us shoulder this medical cost? Also yes. Overall, one of the scariest parent moments for Rick and me turned out to be such a positive experience for us as Members of a Christian Health Care Sharing Ministry, and Healthcare Bluebook helped make it so.

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“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

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